Here at the law offices of Phan & Phan, P.C. we are an experience group of personal injury attorneys.  With a long tradition of service spanning over three decades and two generations.

The Law Offices of Phan & Phan, P.C. has had a long and proud history of representing thousands of personal injury clients.  Over the last 25 years our firm has won millions of dollars for our clients in a wide range of personal injury claims.  These cases involve many of the following examples.

  • Auto/Auto CollisionsInjury-Auto-Accident
  • Auto/18 Wheeler wrecks
  • Injuries sustained on sea vessels (Maritime, Admiralty, and Jones Act cases)Boating_Accident
  • Injuries sustained on premises with dangerous and defective conditions.

When you are involved in a car wreck

  • Drivers LicenseDon’t
    • Admit fault.
    • Give a statement to anyone other than the police.
    • Give information other than your driver’s license and insurance company information.


  • Call for AssitanceDo
    • Call the police and stay calm.
    • Call for medical assistance.
    • Get other driver’s driver license information and insurance company information.
    • Get witness’s names and phone numbers.


Once you get home, call The Law Offices of Phan & Phan, P.C. for advice on what you must do to protect your rights.